We develop infra-red fiber optic sensors for non contact temperature measurements. Our technology utilizes principles of near-field optical microscopy. We use tapered optical fibers that are transparent in the broad infrared spectral range. These probes are brought in a close proximity to a surface, where the thermal near-field signal from the surface is coupled into the sub-wavelength aperture on the apex of our tips. This enables temperature mapping with sub-wavelength spatial resolution. The system is developed both as a stand-alone instrument and as an add-on for existing AFM instruments. The system will serve as a break-though technology for sub-micron thermal mapping in microelectronics to drive the development of efficient heat management. In biosamples,  precise mapping of  temperature distribution is important for in-depth analysis of the relevant biochemical processes.

As part of our R&D efforts, we participate in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs exploring new technological concepts. In collaboration with UT Dallas, we have been recently awarded Phase II Air-Force STTR contract for “Thermal Monitoring of Quantum Cascade Lasers Using Scanning Near-Field Infrared Radiometry With Sub-Wavelength Resolution”. This program is focused on temperature measurements from miniature heat sources utilizing IR fiber-optics near-field thermometry.

We are always open to discuss partnerships and potential investment.